Mandy & Kelvin Slater


Kelvin and Mandy Slater are seasoned restauranteurs who are the namesake of Slater Hospitality. Their hallmark will forever be attention to detail and creating great experiences for every guest. They are the owners and operators Skyline Park, 9 Mile Station, Rooftop Terrace, and RFD Social.


Brett Hull-Ryde

Venture Partner / CFO 

Brett is a 40 year veteran of the hospitality business. From independent restaurants to corporate businesses, his experience has led him to pursue executive positions and venture partnerships. Now as an owner, his depth of knowledge in the industry is perfectly suited to help build the family of Slater Hospitality brands. 


Dallas Pettis

Director of Operations

Dallas has extensive experience in the hospitality industry. His unique mix of business and organizational skills, as well as knowledge of the market, ensure the growth and profitability of each of the Slater concepts.


Chris Eldridge

Director of events

Chris Eldridge is our endless creator of standout events that combine an element of nostalgia and fun. With his experience and expertise, the events team works tirelessly to ensure every event at a Slater Hospitality venue is a fun, smooth, and enjoyable one.


Randy Hayden

Director of Beverages

With experience all over the Southeast, Randy Hayden has honed his 21 years of experience to compliment the Slater Hospitality’s concepts perfectly. A love for food and flavor pairings guides the mentality behind each beverage program – balancing taste, texture and spirit.